Brooke Atkins, 34, Faces Backlash for Lasering Baby’s Birthmark

Discover the controversy as mom Brooke Atkins faces criticism for laser treatment on her baby’s birthmark. Join the debate now.

Brooke Atkins and her partner eagerly anticipated their son’s arrival. However, shortly after birth, they noticed a significant “port wine” mark on his face, a potential health concern. Despite facing criticism for opting for laser treatment, Brooke bravely defended her decision, sharing her reasons for choosing this path.

In Queensland’s Gold Coast, 34-year-old Brooke Atkins, a stay-at-home mom, embraced motherhood in 2022 with the arrival of her son, Kingsley. The couple, including her 28-year-old partner Kewene Wallace, faced the revelation of their son’s rare medical condition.

Although port-wine stain birthmarks are generally harmless, having them on the face, especially near the eyes, can be associated with conditions like Sturge-Weber Syndrome and glaucoma. These conditions might result in seizures, disabilities, and potential vision issues, ultimately leading to blindness.

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