The world’s creepiest abandoned houses

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This unsettling tiny abandoned cottage, which was formerly a part of a small settlement of shacks and cabins intended to house miners, has been left exposed to the elements. Rusted, bullet-riddled furniture, including a fridge, has been dumped outside the cabin in Utah, which is surrounded by untamed shrublands and mountains. Could a shootout have taken place here?

Russian mega-mansion in ruins

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This abandoned brick mansion’ damaged windows and deteriorating masonry indicate that no one has Lived there for many years. It was undoubtedly once a magnificent mansion in the distant past given its massive pedimented façade and tree-lined drive. The abandoned shell, now only a shadow of what it once was, protrudes between the branches, seeming more frightening than graceful.

Unsettling Chernobyl estate

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Few locations on earth are as chilling or painful as Chornobyl, the scene of the devastating nuclear accident in 1986. The city was evacuated as a result of the most tragic power plant catastrophe in history, and admission is now severely controlled by the Ukrainian government. One of the numerous decaying homes that are still standing in the poisonous town and serving as a constant reminder of the thousands of people who have perished since the calamity is this abandoned mansion.

The Mississippi mansion’s mystery-filled history

Image Credit: Abandoned Southeast

This once-grand home in Natchez, Mississippi, is now abandoned and lonely despite being one of the most significant historical structures in the area. The first proprietors of the house, John Hampton White and his wife Jane, mysteriously died shortly after one another. John reportedly passed away in 1819, about the time the structure was finished. We were allowed to have a look inside the antebellum home by Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast. Look at this…

Sweden’s eerie country cabin

The abandoned Kolmanskop desert cottages

This creepy mansion was mysteriously abandoned by its owner and now lies empty and deserted in the middle of the Swedish countryside. The dilapidated wooden house in the lonely location, surrounded by forests, gives us the heebie-jeebies. Whatever the reason for its downfall, it’s clearly not a relaxing vacation spot!

The abandoned Kolmanskop desert cottages

Image Credit: Lukas Bischoff Photograph / Shutterstock

Kolmanskop, formerly a bustling diamond mining community, was abandoned in the 1950s as the supply of priceless stones began to run low. Kolmanskop may be a ghost town, but its previous residents nevertheless left behind some interesting homes, including this abandoned residence. The place, which has been completely destroyed by sand, is today a popular tourist destination run by the renowned diamond corporation De Beers and is frequently used as a backdrop for TV, film, and fashion shoots.

California miner’s cabin that is now abandoned

Image Credit: M. Cornelius / Shutterstock

In the nineteenth century, the Californian town of Benton Hot Springs was a thriving mining community. However, when the heavy industry declined, the town’s population quickly shrank, and many houses, including this ancient miner’s cottage, were abandoned. Years of neglect have caused the eerie cottage, one of several in this deserted ghost town, to start to crumble.

Abandoned castle from the nineteenth century

Image Credit: Merlot Levert / Shutterstock

The mid-19th century-built fairytale castle Bissingen Castle near Vlajkovac, Serbia, is in disrepair. It was formerly a residence for local nobles, but today it is a far cry from its regal splendor. The majestic estate has been abandoned despite investors’ plans to convert the building into a hotel; there are no signs of progress. Maybe there are visitors already…

Abandoned Transylvanian home

Image Credit: Christian Draghici / Shutterstock

This abandoned house in Transylvania, Romania, embodies every spooky cliché associated with haunted houses. As time wears on the façade, the steps are covered in moss, there are gaping holes where the windows once were, and the façade has been reduced to a collapsing mass of materials. Now, all it requires is a vampire resident!

Vietnamese villa in ruin

Image Credit: xuanhuongho / Shutterstock

It’s not difficult to picture how opulent this Vietnamese palace must have been in the past. The French built á Lt as a resort in the early 1900s, but many remnants of the colonial past still linger there. The spooky home, with its bricked-up door and windows, is slowly disintegrating despite its gorgeous lakeside location.

Estonian old house in disrepair

Image Credit: Regina Karro / Shutterstock

This Tallinn abandoned house seems like it belongs in a horror movie and would require more than a fresh coat of paint to make it habitable once more. A property nightmare, it has broken windows, structural issues, decaying wood, graffiti, and crumbling masonry all over its outside.

The home is surrounded by trees.

Image Credit: Gertjan Hooijer / Shutterstock

This treehouse in Hemsedal, Norway raised the bar for treehouses and when it was abandoned, it took an interesting turn. It used to have cozy chambers, but now the spruces that broke through the roof of the house now live there. How they got there is a puzzle because there don’t appear to be any trees close to the building.

Tuscany dream house in disrepair

Image Credit: pinkfloyd_neverdie / Shutterstock

You can ask yourself the obvious question: why would you ever leave such a grand property in Tuscany, one of the most stunning places on earth? Whatever the answer, this run-down dream house has been vacant for years and has slowly deteriorated into a pitiful state of disrepair.

Autumnal empty house

Image Credit: Wipark Kulnirandorn / Shutterstock

When a house is abandoned, many of them turn into drab shells of what they once were, but not this one in Aomori, Japan. Every year, after the summer, when the leaves of the vines that have gradually climbed the sides burst into gorgeous, rich color, it comes into its own.

The treehouse at Brooksville

Image Credit: David Bulit / Shutterstock

If you were fortunate enough to have a treehouse when you were a kid, it was presumably a modest wooden box sitting in a tree in your backyard. The large mansion, replete with kitchens, beds, and bathrooms, was constructed by a wealthy Florida entrepreneur for his grandchildren in the 1980s, but this incredible treehouse takes some beating. The decaying treehouse, lovingly referred to by locals as Honky Ranch Treehouse, has turned into a frightening shadow of what it once was after his passing in the early 2000s.

Alabama vacant Greek Revival house

Image Credit: Abandoned Southeast

This eerie Greek Revival home, photographed by Leland Kent of Abandoned Southeast, has a chilling story beneath its deteriorating walls. The abandoned Alabama mansion previously housed a family funeral business but was destroyed by two storms and is now exposed to the elements. Even eerier, several of the rooms still contain coffins and funeral director’s supplies.

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