Abandoned Paragon Hotel in Italy

The abandoned yet still alluring five-star Paragon Hotel with its neoclassical facade was built in 1882 in Italy. To this day, it is located at the heart of a lively tourist town. For a hundred years, the hotel had been the most prestigious venue in its area.

In 1925, the complex had restoration work done, after which 110 luxurious and sought-after rooms appeared. The rooms on the first floor were decorated in an elegant style, so it was clear that the hotel offered a high class of service.

The wealthy bourgeoisie remained regular and prestigious clients of the hotel for many years until its closure in 2008.

The Paragon Hotel is famous for its huge white ballroom with white curtains hanging from the ceiling. The curtains are close to the roof window so that the room was once flooded with diffused natural light. The walls and ceiling are gilded with golden plaster, adding further luxury to the hotel.

There are four floors in total. The Paragon Hotel was meant to be a spa hotel with a gym and three conference rooms. When it was operational, approximate rates for standard rooms were 590-740 euros per night. Luxury suites cost 800-890 euros per night.

A detail that is often remembered about the former hotel is the number of expensive cars parked around it as famous people have always been on the list of its guests.

Paragon Hotel was closed in 2008 due to the economic downturn which affected most of Italy. High society stopped visiting this place, and most of the prestigious hotels had to close. Currently, the majority of tourists who come here are older people.

As a result, one of the most beautiful hotels in Italy remains abandoned. However, it is very well preserved. Nowadays its occupants are lovers of abandoned places, the homeless, and artists who leave their marks on the walls in the form of creepy graffiti. Big thanks to Chris Morri and checkout his amazing world

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