Couple Notices Trapdoor in Their New Home, Opens It to Find the Most Bizarre Items

When Imgur user CzarMatt and his wife were moving into their new home, all they could focus on was getting settled and having all of their things packed away.

Fortunately for the two of them, the wife had a keen enough eye to notice one day that there was a trapdoor located in their closet floor.
So, the daring couple opened it up, unsure about what they would find on the other side

At first glance, it looked like there was nothing there (aside from all the dust and spiders, that is). But upon closer inspection, they found something hiding in the corner. They pulled it out, and found a beautiful wooden box, which weighed a ton and was locked

After prying the box open, they discovered why the box was so heavy–it was filled to the brim with old coins, a 1990 Marvel #3 Silver Surfer Hologram trading card currently selling for $50 on eBay and old pocket-watches and rings.

Among all the coins they found was a 1885 Morgan silver dollar coin, as well as a rare penny from 1859, which could be worth up to $193 and $250, respectively.

Looks like this couple is really in the money now! If only all of our closets were hiding such a valuable surprise!

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