Princess Diana Claimed ‘Accident’ Months Before Fatal Crash

Princess Diana wrote a shocking letter, revealing a sinister plot before her tragic car crash. Uncover the chilling details now.

Princess Diana, who sadly met her untimely end in a 1997 Paris car crash at the age of 36, had previously expressed fears. Reports indicate she believed the Queen and her ex-husband, Prince Charles, were plotting to separate her from her sons, William and Harry, years before the tragic incident

Recently, unsettling details about Princess Diana’s final years have surfaced. Paul Burrell, her former butler, safeguarded numerous letters in which she conveyed apprehensions about her safety

In a written correspondence, she suspected that someone was orchestrating a deadly “accident” specifically involving her vehicle.

In August 1997, Princess Diana met a tragic end in a Paris car accident, leaving the nation in disbelief. Her sons, William and Harry, were orphaned, sparking ongoing discussions and debates about the circumstances surrounding the devastating crash.

Throughout much of her royal tenure, the paparazzi relentlessly pursued Princess Diana, making her arguably the most photographed person globally.

Everyone sought a piece of the princess, with reports from The Guardian indicating paparazzi offered up to $500,000 for elusive shots of her.

Joining the Royal Family in 1981 through her marriage to Prince Charles, Diana’s wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral drew royal dignitaries from around the world.

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