Patricia Krentcil: The Current Look of ‘Tan Mom’

Discover the transformed appearance of ‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil. Explore her current look and journey in this intriguing update
Patricia Krentcil, known as “Tan Mom,” became a notable Internet celebrity in 2012. Infamous for her dark brown, leathery skin, she gained fame following a court case involving her daughter’s school incident with severe burns.

Despite being acquitted due to insufficient evidence, Tan Mom’s fame persisted after the trial on charges of taking her daughter to a tanning bed

Nearly five years on, Patricia has reduced her tanning obsession, with noticeably paler skin. During her peak, she acknowledged using up to 20 tanning beds monthly to maintain a dark complexion

Although criticism for her skin has waned, Patricia Krentcil continues to spark controversy with her extravagant Twitter posts. Some things seem to remain unchanged

In 2012, we all remember “tan mom” looking quite different!

Over the years, she appears to have dialed down her tanning routine. Continuing to capture attention, she shares peculiar photos on her social media.

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