Château de Noisy, Belgium’s Demolished Fairy Tale Castle.

After a slow climb up a rocky Belgian hillside and a slow walk through a thick forest, turrets peek through the trees to reveal an incomparable beauty, Château de Noisy.
Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann – Flickr
Miranda Castle, also known as Château de Noisy, is in Celles, Belgium, in the Namur province.

Built in 1866 in Belgium, Miranda Castle—also known as Noisy Castle in later years—was once a opulent residence for French aristocrats fleeing their home country’s revolution.

However, after several ownership changes over the years, the once-glowing estate has deteriorated into a menacing shell.

Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann – Flickr
The Liedekerke-Beaufort family ordered the castle to replace their previous one, which they had to leave because of angry commoners.

The luxurious Victorian mansion was occupied by the family until World War II, when it was purchased by a Belgian railway company.

For some reason, they turned the aging mansion into an orphanage, likely one of the most terrifying foster homes for children without parents.

Photo credit: Bert Kaufmann – Flickr
The location was given the name “Noisy Castle” when the estate was used as a children’s home.

However, the orphanage was moved out of the space in 1980, and the castle was finally abandoned in 1991 after being used sparingly.

The once-luxurious residence has completely deteriorated since its abandonment.

Photo credit: Rudy23 – Wikimedia
Floor tiles have been stolen or taken away, vandals have damaged the walls and started a few fires, and most importantly, time has simply brought mold and decay into every part of the former Miranda Castle.

Previously the vestiges of the domain where generally visited by metropolitan travelers and phantom trackers who can’t avoid the draw of a previous shelter that was once claimed by French trifler.

The crumbling castle has been the target of numerous projects, including hotels and preservation efforts, but the castle’s current owners have been unable to halt its demise, which will finally quiet the palace halls.

The noisy castle has been torn down in 2017.

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