Home Alone house for sale! Chicago mansion featured in Macaulay Culkin’s hit film is on the market for $2.4m

It was as much a star of the blockbusting 1990 hit as child sensation Macaulay Culkin, and now the Chicago house which featured in Home Alone is having another moment in the limelight.

This time the 1920s’ mansion on Chicago’s North Shore is featured in real estate photographs, as its owners seek to sell it for $2.4 million.

But many will remember the colonial-style building in the Chicago suburb of Winnetka as the home of the McCallisters, and of course, the battlefield where little Kevin took on those bumbling burglers.

And the building, though not bedecked in Christmas lights and decorations, is instantly recognisable.

Estate agents described it as: ‘Classic residence offers timeless and inspired family living.

Location, location … The property is just minutes away from Lake Michigan

It’s described as having plenty of nooks and crannies in which to hide, one of the features which made it perfect for the Home Alone movies.

The house sprawls over 4,250 square foot and three stories in Winnetka, blocks away from Lake Michigan and the affluent suburb’s village centre.

The property’s owners, John and Cynthia Abendshien, had only lived in the house for 18 months when Christopher Columbus, the director of the first two Home Alone films, asking to film the movie there. The franchise limped on to a third and fourth film after Columbus, but never captured the magic of the original.

A scout for director John Hughes had approached the couple previously about using the house in another Macaulay Culkin film, Uncle Buck.

Coldwell Banker agent Marissa Hopkins told AOL Real Estate: ‘I think what attracted Hughes to the home is what’s exemplified in the movie. It’s a beautiful home with a lot of space and a warm feel. He liked to have real homes as his stage.’

It’s arguable that this silent star of the films has fared better over the past 21 years than Macaulay Culkin himself, who is now 30.

The child star became embroiled in controversy over his friendship with Michael Jackson, was cautioned for possession in 2004 and split from Black Swan actress Mila Kunis, 28, earlier this year after a long relationship.

One of his last screen appearances was with British insurance company Aviva in 2009 where he appeared on the screen to ask: ‘Remember me?

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