Exploring a 200 Year old Abandoned Plantation Mansion | Most Haunted in the State

In today’s episode, we travel to the southern United States to investigate an abandoned plantation estate. Constructed in 1824 by a Methodist clergyman and planter from Virginia who originally came from the state of Virginia. Originally a portion of a property that encompassed one thousand acres but was split up and sold multiple times throughout the years.

According to the information that we were able to locate online, it appears that this house was genuinely lived in as recently as five or six years ago. Renovating the house became much too much effort for the family, so they moved out, leaving the home in an abandoned state. The house was in the midst of being renovated. And in today’s installment, we are going to investigate yet another deserted plantation estate that used to belong to the governor! Come along with me today and let’s see what’s still available.

It is said that this brick mansion, which was built in 1835, originally belonged to this state’s governor and is now considered to be one of the most haunted places in this state. This entire property previously encompassed more than 4,000 acres of land and included an extensive family cemetery with tombs that dated back to the 1700s; but, due to its reputation as a haunted home, it is now just recognized for its mansion.

This location was featured on an episode of A&E’s paranormal state, in which viewers claimed to have seen what appeared to be the ghost of the former governor moving through the halls and grounds of the estate. After entering the house, neither of us felt any kind of unsettling presence, but I’m not going to rule out the possibility that this location is haunted just because of that. Come along with me, and together we’ll find out what this area is like.

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