Treasure Trove of Roman Coins Unearthed at Aizanoi

Aizanoi: An ancient jug containing hundreds of Roman coins has surprised archaeologists in Turkey. The vessel with its silver payload was found buried next to a stream in Kütahya province. Here lie the ruins of Aizanoi, a historic city.

Prof. Dr. Elif Özer describes it in a statement as “the most special silver coin find of recent times”. The jug and its contents were in excellent condition.

Dated to between 75 and 4 B.C., the coins bear the images of Roman emperors and politicians, including Julius Caesar, Marcus Brutus and Mark Antony. Credit: Pamaukkule University.
651 items of currency were found in total, dating to between 75 – 4 BC, as reported by Live Science and other outlets. 3 terracotta plates were buried with the jug – experts presume this was to hold it in position.

What makes it so special? The faces and imagery depicted on the coins. Referred to by those in the know as a coin album, it represents a financial snapshot of the Roman Republic. Specifically the late period before it became a legendary Empire ruled by Augustus.

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