Norwegian Couple Find Viking Buried Under Their Home During Renovation

Norway sometimes reveals a lot of archaeological discovery or even a rare and important decoration. This couple, in the process of renovating their house, finds a Viking burial under their floor.

A big shock for this couple as it was a family home as they intended to remove the planks to install the insulation. This house is found to
have been built on an important Viking burial site. A rare Roman coin was found on Donner Island near the town of Bodo, Norway.

The owners of the house discovered a small glass object which they mistakenly assumed was a truck wheel. They then discovered, an iron ax head and other ancient artifacts, and realized that they had come across something ancient foundation under the wooden planks.
They contacted the local authorities, who contacted the Tromso museum.

Experts, historians and archaeologists from the Tromso Unit took care of this and took a closer look, they found human bones, an iron arrowhead and other valuable treasures dating from the age viking, which is from 800 to 1100 AD.

As long as archaeologists are sure they’ve collected all of the artifacts under the house, the couple gladly left it to experts. After all, not everyone has the chance to say that their house is part of a site of important historical and archaeological discovery.

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